​As the clocks advance part the first day of February, and imbolc is declared. We praise the fire that burns. The flames that purge the past, and welcome the warmth that the flames bring. Our ways are not for all, and yet for all we make allowances and give thanks for the hope that wisdom will return to all as we share it. This is how we praise Her. 
In the past I have forged alliances, steel and strong and true. To hold the truth of the flame burning bright.  We held family and friends in the same esteem, and cared for each as they needed to be cared for. Given that each life is a life of its own. We can but guide where the goddess requires no more.
And so it comes to pass that as a year turns,we rebirth such traditions as befitting our past. To honour her wisdom and care, we find that most are willing to listen, though we do not force anyone to hear this truth. We simply allow the truth to show its self, through the common sense and obvious words of the truth itself. As such, some will gall aside, as we continue to grow. Some will not take the truth as offered, and listen instead to the propaganda and hearsay of those that follow their own path. 
We learned long ago that we cannot help or indeed save everyone that ignores the words. And some will fall aside, others will listen and become a part of us. This is natural growth, given the complexity of the world in which we inhabit. Whilst we would dearly love to save all, we are not naive enough to think it is possible to do so. 

What we can do, however, is to pray for the wisdom to know the difference. To meditate on the very nature of those that we encounter. And to help where we can. To guide, to simply be the shoulder to lean on when the world at large, gets too much for our friends. And friends and family remain so as long as they wish. This is the way we adopted, after the burning times. 

So then it is with the greatest of pleasure, and the honour it requires, that I say to you each and every one. Happy imbolc, let Her love find your hearts and hold you steady and true, as we enter a new spring. Love and sparkles Rose Brighflame™