​There comes a time in every slaves life, when you need time to reflect.  To consolidate the emotional truth of your existence. Yesterday was such a time for me. As you should all by now be aware, my owner,owns me on and offline. Yesterday brought home the truth of that ownership. In ways that are still difficult to word correctly, even for an intellectual poet.

Love and lust, poured in equal measure into a mixing bowl of family, is perhaps the most dangerous recipe. When others have jealousy, or agendas of their own to fulfil.  The rate of the mix determines the consistency of the concrete foundation. In our case, that foundation once laid and poured with tender care, has proven itself yo be strong enough to withstand any wave that threatens to crash against us.

There are times,and circumstances that may yet prove to be trying at best, but in the cold light of yesterday, I cannot think of a single obstacle that could damage the foundation that we have laid. And it is not free of those that were determined to attempt such wrecking ball behaviour. Each attempt merely shored up the foundation, strengthening the bond we share. 

Many might not comprehend the nature of our bond. Though they may have heard the terms we use in chat, and misread the meaning as romantic terms of endearment. Owl, is one such term. Owner,Wife, Lover, not a common term. The collar about my neck, seen by some as jewellery, repeatedly mistaken for a wardobe addition. Represents so much more  in real time as it does online, and online or offline, i have never been more than an hour without  it being in place.  I said once or twice before ” this is the last collar I will wear”  and I meant every word. Each time an obstacle crops up, my collar proves to me that such words are not misplaced.

It is, as you may understand it, a symbol, both of ownership, and love. But it also represents strength, balance and trust. And trust works both ways. I try to equalise the love, to vocalise the nature of it.  But it is not an easy topic to equate. Without frames of reference to each of you that would allow you the information duly connected to our relationship, the truth of that relationship is mistaken for love and romance. While  I will admit to being in love with my owner, as She is undoubtedly in love with me, the  relationship is indeed far deeper.

Outwardly the confusion starts at my profile. Everyone see’s the nature of the love we share openly, the references to wife, spring easily from our lips, as we are handfast wedded, in the eyes of gia. But if that is so, why does my profile not say brace, where our actually says paulinia? The answer to this is simple,  we (me and brace)  are partnered and wedded, to paulinia brightflame, and second life doesn’t currently make allowances for poly marriages.

But the more observing of you will note,  that I spent an awful long time, defining my love, our love,  between me and my owner. And not mentioning my slave wife. Hitherto noted as petal. The reasoning was and is,  that my contemplation begins with Brace,  and it is true that most of the balance that keeps my mental stability equalised, starts with Brace. However! This does not in any way change the fact of nature, of poured love and trust, of petal. Moreover the reasoning lends itself weight because of the responsibility, due to owning petal. And once that simple truth is swallowed, digested, and understood. The rest of the balance is revealed. 

You see, as much as Brace is my balance,  my guidance, or is petal that anchors my desire, my needs, and indeed she anchors our lives with an ability, agility and softness, that brings its plan light to our lives. I cannot refute, the obvious truth, that petal is not with us as much as she deserves, or as much as she would desire. But even that is not true.  Because whilst May not be online as much as she would wish,  she is featured in every choice, every debate, every single thing we do in world. And she is never more than a moment away when considering each possibility. 

Love knows no bounds, and petal is loved and cherished with every once of that same love and lust cement that Brace is treated to. We three, are triumvirate, one storm, washing over the influence, intolerance, and misinformed. And together, our relationship is strengthened by the truth of that fact. I would give myself for petal’s happiness in a heartbeat, just as I would first Brace. Both sides of the dominance and submission are balanced by this truth.  And the rewards are astronomical. 

Working in conjunction with two wonderful women, is not easy. However, as most of you know even that simple statement, doesn’t truly reflect the walls, which we climb to overcome, the very nature of our relationship.  For example, let’s talk about language.  I am from northern Ireland. This means that English is not my first language. In fact it’s not even my third.  Learning Gaelic for Ireland, Wales and some Scottish, prior to learning English, means that I have a slightly more difficult time getting words to fit the meanings sometimes.  Now add to this,  challenge the fact that, the untied states of trump in its earliest incarnation, royally screwed a perfectly servicable language” English”  and dubbed it American. In doing so, loosing letters, changing vowels, sometimes erasing entire words, makes for difficulties in translation. Add to that , Brace is from below the mason and Dixie line, making her accented version of “AMERICAN”  more paletable!  Thankfully, Brace is well educated,  and this gives her team and home advantage.  But those amongst you know I love a challenge!  So when I recall there’s final part of this jigsaw, you can all take time to understand the complexity of the challenge. 

You see my darlings, petal is french. And whilst no one can be held accountable for the land of their birth. The translations are beyond the pale of normal schemes. As I will say, google translate gets a fair work out! Especially when petal is tired! Or I am, Brace seems to speak this dreaded french, so maybe it’s time I learned a new language better.  Together we are one. For all the bad translations,  we have a common truth. Trusted bonds, that are solid, built in, trust, in love, in truth, in respect. And forged in the smiths cruicible of desire.  we can and will overcome anything placed against us, because  we have that truth, that balance already poured into the mixing bowl of our lives. 

As Reflecting on the nature of our relationships go, I think we have accomplished many things, others may not get, understand,  or even contemplate. What a Do We Do Together! And I love them both, with equal admiration, respect,  and a fairbit of lusty desire! 

Till next time,  stay safe, love and sparkles Rose xxx