So, yes its true, I’ve been up to my neck in mischief ! and yes it`s also true that things have changed a fair bit in the last few weeks. Between ill health, ( yes I`m still plagued with nosebleeds and migraines and hospital appointments to try and work out why!) and the way so is playing up lately, I`ve been busy.

Let`s see, “WE” joined a Motorcycle club, as prospects. And everything was doing well, right up to the first” ride out.” A fifty script, limit discriminated against us from riding, and a member that can`t ride isn`t a member. Now, while I agree that lowering scripts as much as possible resolves lag. there I a limit to the amount of surgery to my av I am willing to do. I tested this theory the other day, and my belt and collar and head alone is Fifty-two scripts. EVEN with the removal of all the peircings. So a, I can`t ride, and b, I`m not prepaired to do that to my scripts anyway.

So we were pretty gutted, the high of getting in as opposed to the rule that wasn’t mentioned on applying, really soured the day. YOU know us, we never like to stay down. With this in mind, we went looking and found a club, that is more in tune with our desires needs and attitudes. The Billionaires MC, is a Club that better represents US, they don’t mind the boobs, they don`t mind the scripts, as long as we keep it under one hundred ( ish), and they don’t mind the fact that we are together, Brace and me and Petal comes as a package deal!.


So we are prospects of the BC MC. NEXT update!

Dancing ! Brace  suggested a dance  on the RMS Titanic,  with   Klew and addy

and  a  good time was had  by all! But as ever  work  never stops,  and   back in the  Club house,  I  started  to  refine the  Bobber  ready for a long ride out.


Sailing !

A new boat to  our  group  the Sweetpea  from  Dutch harbor, a   nice  little   romantic  boat,  with a LOT of  options!.  and its one that Mistress likes,  and  took me sailing in !


We  even  took them both at   the same  time !


what a   good way to  end a post!..  see you soon   love and sparkles  Rose x