There comes a time in everybody’s life, when you sit still and take stock of who and what you are. This week has been a roller coaster, of emotions, of feelings, both crushed and elated. One of the many highlights was finally passing the last task and being voted in as a patched member of the Billionaires Club MC.


Add to this definace and love, and of course a topless cruise! and you have a true roller coaster of a weekend.


Bianca’s home from her skiing trip with no bones broken and a smile on her face, and we all can breathe easier now, that we know she wasn’t involved in the avalanches!


a New bike enters the BF stable the Black Pheonix from Q`s bikes. now a rarity I am told! This one is faster sleeker, goes round corners instead of trying to hop over them. holds the damn track a lot better and looks FOOKING cool! Paint by BRACE!


NOW let`s talk WIVES! BRACE has also patched in as a Full member of the BC MC. And petal has really put the cat in the chicken coup, and beaten the prez`s time on the home track .. I am SO proud of my wives!!!


So  until next   update,  Ride safe  Ride Free



Love and sparkles Rose Brightflame ™