Sometimes the consistency of stupidity, offerings to false idols, even the injustice of being forced to listen to bullshit, can actually improve your day.

I have come to this conclusion with due care and diligence. Evaluation of the situations that have evolved in recent days, bringing with it its own set of challenges. But the overall conjunction of facts lead me to believe this to be true. Without doubt or hesitation, coercion or payment, I Rose Brightflame™ state this fact to be one hundred percent true. 

” You can’t fix stupid” as Ron white says, “there isn’t a pill or a potion, you can take that fixes stupid! 

What can and most probably will surprise you, is when people you thought are smarter than they turn out to be, and moreover, when they set out to prove how ridiculously stupid they really are, the new depth of dumbness will horrify you to the point of distraction.   
Take an obvious statement.  ” your boobs are too big” now lets add to this fair comment ”  we prefer you to be at least human”  Now lets sink the depth of stupidity, ” can’t you wear normal ones just for tonight?”  And if you think that is stupid, lets add insults to the statement. “like normal humans do” 

So from a semi back handed compliment albeit, not perhaps everyone’s idea of a compliment! To utter stupidity in three steps. And with that comes the realization that this person is a moron.
However, not to be outdone in the grand scheme of things, this dude actually compounds the error. By effectively saying ” you have to be 99 %human to attend, but the bigger and holder your breasts are the better we like it”  and when you stop chuckling, you might want to seriously think this one out! Because what the sexist cretin actually says is ” be human, wear nothing, let me oggle and make whatever demands I want,  you can come in.” 
Still, I see reasons to smile. And if you want to know which limp sucked whitevschool boy who by the way pretended to be a black thick dicked thug type gangsteroonie! Had the nerve to highlight himself in this part of the post! Ask…..I won’t name him here, until he is stupid enough to face me in person, and the words”! cold day in hell ”  fit! 
And the reason I am smiling not ranting? 

 Because my Owl, stood by me, shoulder to shoulder, as we told the little man to get stuffed. In the end, discrimination is just that. And we spent the rest of that night, dancing at stocking tops, a fun evening was had and not one person questioned our boobs or hooves! 

Sadly I have to report that Linda has closed stockingtops, due to her real life going nuts. And I have to say we whole heartedly support the choice to close, rather than to struggle on. Of  course this means that there will be a need to open a new club for those like us that enjoyed the finer things in life! But such is life. We wish Linda every success in her future.
Favour of topics, the seventeen of march. Brings many parties to a head! Not least of which the greatest of all parties! World wide, grid wide, parties! St Patrick, who was by the was english! Gets a serious mention. Clover drawn in luminous green beer, shamrocks a plenty. And leprachauns! So, now you know why every Irish man is either pissed or pissed off. Either too much or not enough beer! 

May the luck of the Irish dawn on you all. Love and sparkles Rose xx