SO.. its been way too long, and I apologise for neglecting you all, so much. So many things have happened since we last spoke. From the advances of the MC to the personal achievements of the Brightflames, and through to the promotions.

Let`s start with the MC. black Cranium MC attended Rally in the valley. a four-day event where most of the MC`s that mean anything attends the show and shows off their bikes. Indeed we were no different. David got a new bike:P even if it does need oil. We showed the four days, and acquired new friends.


As with any MC, it`s a family that evolves some leave us, some join us. Such is the life span of any group I feel. But the overall feeling is that the Rally brought us closer. melted the friendships. into a Family. One I am proud to be a part of.


Personal achievements, well, lets see, Our wife Petal become a full patched member of the MC. of which I am SOOOOOOO proud.

I made a change or three to the dream cloud and we now have an air support, airship for the club!.


Then we come to topless:P Now long time readers will know, I have supported Topless cruising from the outset. All through the depressions , and sim crashes and tea parties on the sea bed. right through the directors leaving and coming back, even through the rough times when the club closed for a while. Now we are back in business AND with the return or gipsy, one of my dearest and most loved directors!. Came to a surprise promotion for me and Brace to Cruise directors.


An honour we will I’m sure step up to take the reins. And to play our part in this most awesome of groups. As a side note we sailed this weeks in the dark and naked! Kinda our way to say thank you to gipsy..