Well the cosmos has once more shared both wisdom and logic, to its humbled vessel. For regular followers of my scribelings, will recall a post some time ago, where I detailed My frustration on two outstanding desires.one being zz bottom, and the situation there which has not changed much to be fair, but we live in hope!
The second situation was and is the silver tonged devil, who has haunted my desire for so long. And here the cosmos decided to take a hand in altering the paths and agendas of the great plan. It yet again showed me and others around me, that the great work does reward those who are patient, those who do not push, and those who accept.
So it is with the greatest of humbled honour that I say, yes I have the silver tounged one, securely under lock and key. And I have to say, I am loving every second of that adventure. How it happened is not for me to judge, why it happened is not for any speculation, that it happened is a cause for celebration.
And so we come to other business. In this case Topless cruises. Monday see’s the launch of the first of our ( MINE AND BRACES) cruise.  To say its nerve racking, waiting to see if it works out well, is an understatement of monumental proportions. So many things can and do change and go wrong before the staggered start times. But to be fair, we have our Dj booked, we triple checked and then added an independent sailor to check it, and fingers crossed we have done,all we can. So in short lets hope it works ok.

Today I saw petal. Today I was reminded how much she misses our times together, and yet I am also reminded in a timely fashion, just how much I truly love and admire this lil french maiden. Her charm is way more than skin deep, her sence of morality, and justice tainted with her sense of real time love and fairness, speaks volumes.
One of my sponsored sisters today passed her task list and got full patched.of which I am understandably honoured and proud to have helped. And it would not be complete without mentioning the wedding , the rez day and the bday!  The wedding of two angels is always emotional, but rather, as the emotions run like tears and mascara, she got her man, and he became happy.

We of the Black Cranium MC WW™ wish Raze and Aurora, the very best wishes and long roads.