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May 2017

No words are needed…except Miss You Martin


Beans on Toast

Some say the devil is dead

So. Listening to the radio, as I sip my morning tea on the roof of my home. I couldn't help but burst into fits of giggles.  The song was one, that was augmented from an earlier rendition. But some kind... Continue Reading →

OKOK a bloggy !

Yes It has been a while since my last post, Health and other things have kept me at a chaotic turmoil which kept me from posting. This morning I sat at the rally site for Harley Heaven MC and got... Continue Reading →

catching up…..

Inspired, as I am to sit here and wax lyrical ballads of flowery truths to entwine with your soul and ensnare the mind. Perhaps it might be better, to simply sit down and have a little chat. Ya know? just... Continue Reading →

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