Inspired, as I am to sit here and wax lyrical ballads of flowery truths to entwine with your soul and ensnare the mind. Perhaps it might be better, to simply sit down and have a little chat. Ya know? just you and me.


Sometimes surprises still occur in second life, and sometimes those surprises, mean more to a person than words can tell. History teaches us that ” what goes around, comes around” and the cosmos taught me, ” everything comes to those who wait” My Life on second life is no exception to this rule.

Sgt At Arms, Rose Brightflame™ of the Black Cranium MC, said today after her promotion ” I am honoured and humbled to serve Our club.” oh didn’t I mention it? I got a promotion.

Enforcer Brace Brigthflame™ of Black Cranium MC was seen to smile at her advancement, oops I might have also forgotten to mention this one too. Yes, She got a promotion.

So we visited a rally site recently. For like, seven whole days! And during the course of that rally, we met a guy called Parkin Storm. Now for those of you that don’t know, Parkin Storm, owns the SSC a rather good bike builder-vendor. Not only was he nice enough to sell me Brace and Petal our own new bikes… But he then went on to add Our patch details, and customise the bikes to be completely unique. So if you see SSC on a vendor or stand Go take a look because the items he`s got for sale are rather awesome.

The observant amongst you will note, I haven’t been keeping up to date with my blog posts lately. I would apologise, but hey I warned youat the start it would be hit and miss. The main reason is for my shoddy blogging, I`ve been in and out of hosp in real time. In fact, that is where I am writing this post from, to be honest. As I was admitted on Monday.34170853781_0a5c45fedb_o


The world turns, And time doesn’t stand still. Now with it Breezes of our Life. Whispers amongst the leaves of time. and Sparkles of love to each and everyone of you. I remain Rose Brightflame™33486951313_f96b1062dd_o