Yes It has been a while since my last post, Health and other things have kept me at a chaotic turmoil which kept me from posting. This morning I sat at the rally site for Harley Heaven MC and got berated by my sister for Not posting. She is, of course, Most correct in her words and I am humbled and honoured to Have her as my sister.

Whilst it`s true that we have all evolved a little more than we might wish to admit. Some things in this world do not change. My Love for my family and friends grows with each day that passes. And I am rather honoured to be a part of such a family. That looks out for each other, and that cares enough to stand up to the hard headed Irish woman.

Sailing news, YES, We still sail! Topless Cruises are taking off again and Monday saw another awesome Cruise submitted by Brace. A good time seemed to have been had by all, And a venue found Steam Powered Hamster by the amazing Brandi, was our party place this week. Music was multinational flavours from the outstanding Arjuna.

We also sailed the RSYC cruise 241 supplied by Kregster! Fire and Ice. was the order of that cruise and It was a good run in calm seas! even if some of us got stuck in the ice flow:P But the ever effervescent Bianca, bolstered our humour, and a good time was had by all.

Sitting on a rally site, on the new truck! Gives me time to think. And that is usually a very bad idea:P but in this case, its produced a few ideas towards the future. And perhaps a few ideas. On the past and were history should lay to rest. Perhaps It may soon be time to Hang up My fangs. Which has weighed heavily on my mind for a while now. Perhaps it is past time. Something to think on harder I think.
Also, I was pondering the idea of refining my inventory ( a scary thought for most!) But perhaps time to slide most of the formal dresses and outfits into a storage yard.



Till next  time .. Love  and sparkles   to  you  all ..

I  remain Rose Brightflame™ Sgt at Arms for the Black Cranium MC