So. Listening to the radio, as I sip my morning tea on the roof of my home. I couldn’t help but burst into fits of giggles.  The song was one, that was augmented from an earlier rendition. But some kind person ha updated the lyics to include terrorist mayhem ( my name for our current unelected prime minister) and Jeremy Corbyn ( leader f the labour party and I think next full elected Prime Minister! ) The song was very sarcastic.  And while I loved it’s sentiments.  It carries with its fine tune, a very stark reminder of just how totally screwed up this countries political system is, and in my mind, I am thinking of holand if terry gets in! 

This morning is cruise 242 for the rsyc.  And now I have changed from 64bit firestorm to 32bit. The system seems more stable. And I am hoping gives more stability of some borders. Which remain a constant headache. This change also means I should be able to take a few more pictures to share the giggles, delights, and tears with you all.

Today,  If the cosmos decides I  have been “good” petal might log in earlier.  So we can spend some time together.  I miss my french petal amour. Perhaps more than she realizes.  Managed to get a message through to my sister Laura.  So coffee morning will be scheduled and a very long overdue catch up session is on the cards. 

Will try to update this later.  But for now, love light peace and giggles to you all.