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July 2017

Memory waters……. 

Gentle winds lift the sumit of crested waves barely rippling against the side of the boat.  I reflect upon the week  as we glide the boat along the side of a memory.  The Galaxy,  where I first got my introduction... Continue Reading →



​Sometimes the feeling of sad doesn't cover the truth.  We tel sad for so many reasons.  One has to wonder,  what sad really is?  Is it regret,  loss,  grief, or a sense of longing?  What we do know is people... Continue Reading →

Nightmares and cures

Nightmares are the true parody of rational thinking,.  Waking from a slumber ,  with your skin glistening in the moonlight may sound romantic or even sensual, though in this case the truth is far from any mills and boon.  ... Continue Reading →

The reason why…….. 

So an update on my recent lapse of posts,  and of course the reason why,  as an academic, my spelling and grammar has gone to hell in a hand basket.   As some of you are aware,  my recent time... Continue Reading →

Pondering the aftermath

The aftermath of yet another remarkable cruise has once more spread its was warm charms on my blotter.  As  I sit with a coffee mug welded to my feel hand. Deciphering the events of yesterday is a game with no... Continue Reading →

Enhanced Education

Before reading this I suggest you get comfortable. with a few things to say on the course of life. the course of my past, and of course lol those things are going to be tripple x, over 21 rated. And... Continue Reading →

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