The aftermath of yet another remarkable cruise has once more spread its was warm charms on my blotter.  As  I sit with a coffee mug welded to my feel hand. Deciphering the events of yesterday is a game with no end.  And yesterday was no exception. 
Between explained the reasoning for enhanced education,  testing a new track,  and cruising the top less cruise.  I managed,  to really out do my usual self.  Accomplishing both rekindling of a friendship I knew I had lost,  and recovering a friendship I nearly gave away,  to making a new friend.  Not easy in my current situation.  But certainly worthwhile.  
Explaining why I am as moody as a sea witch (and yes I have cleaned that up!)  Would to an outsider take half a day. Sufficient is my understanding that those of you that know have the decency not to push,  and those of you who don’t,  will ask.  This means I can relax a little bit around some of those people I see regularly.  For which I am both humbled and grateful! 
A wise woman once said ” do not run on your path,  for you will miss the gold been the cobblestones. ” it has taken me an awfully long time to understand the concept and I a sure there are still some aspects of the statement that I will in time uncover. 
Ruining everything in a friendship is a terrible thing to do.  No one will disagree with this statement,  rebuilding a relationship of this nature, namely one I utterly destroyed through my own stupid ego driven pride.  Is perhaps the hardest task.  I am not proud to say yes I screwed up,  but I am glad I managed to find the right time,  and the understanding, and courage to allow me to fix it. 
As the deadline draws nearer,  for Friday,  I find myself nor nervous by the day.  Knowing the severity of the nightmares that I have in the pat encountered,  gives me a platform or standard to expect.  I doesn’t give me any joy or sense of relief whatsoever.  
I take comfort in the overpowering care and sometimes emotionally charged company of two of the finest people I have ever met. 
I refer of course to petal and my owner Brace.  So now it is a constant battle to sleep.  Till next post sparkles and love Rose x