So an update on my recent lapse of posts,  and of course the reason why,  as an academic, my spelling and grammar has gone to hell in a hand basket.  
As some of you are aware,  my recent time away was spend in emergency surgery after a blood vessel at the base of my skull exploded.  Now this surgery they decided I needed to save my meager life,  is where they drilled a hole in my skull,  relieve the pressure,  sewn the vessel up and then after nibbling the bone,  they fitted a four inch ceramic plate to my head with screws.  
Between high blood pressure,  low blood pressure diabetes,  and a heart stopping near stroke,  and of course being found on the floor of my boat,  passed out in a near comatose state for many hours.  I seem to be recovering well.  Got home only to pull the cooking stitches out whilst sleeping.  
The Stitches are due out Thursday.  Meds are still a little bit chaotic,  but my OWL and my wife,  are helping me through the harder bits. And a good friend here is helping me keep the boat in order.   And yes it is true that I have lost some memories, and skills both motor skills and physiologically but we fight on we try our best to struggle forwards. 
Diabetic dyslexia doesn’t help!  But the medications are!  Slowly I am regaining near total physical balance.  Not sure my mental state is even close to balance right now,  which is why Brace is keeping me close.  
I just thought you deserved to know why.  Love hugs and sparkles Rose