Gentle winds lift the sumit of crested waves barely rippling against the side of the boat.  I reflect upon the week  as we glide the boat along the side of a memory.  The Galaxy,  where I first got my introduction to being a whore for cash.  Happy memories flow side by side with the fear and shame,  but when I reflect upon those times,  they formulate the desire to be better that I still hold dear. 

Gentle soft tilting of boat as we round the north edge of the galaxy,  recalling how I was abducted from that job to work in a seedy strip joint, with the same game plan but promised better clients.  That is a giggle to be fair,  as the clients were worse but the lindens was more frequent. The end result was being sold to RRR andMiss Buttons as a pony girl. 

So as we raise the jib,  I reflect how those memories,  those events made me who I am. And with that,  I must thank the cruise liner for her silent education.  Heading out to Naughty Nautilus and dropping the spinny,  we find the same truth comes to the for ground with surprising ease.  As a former friends home comes into view, I see hope in the vessels there that the former friend is rebuilding their lives with consummate ease.  

Each timber freaks as we pass Ahabs were I learned to sail.  The smooth calm water brings little resistance to the bandit as we slow to eight nots,  taking in the sights and wonder of the ancient bones,  bleached white by their time in the sun. 

Bones one day is all we must be.  Gently rubbing Her thigh a smile shared a memory in sharp focus,  brings a smile.  Let’s go home She said,  and me?  I agreed….. Yes! Mistress… Let’s go home….. Rx