Sometimes the feeling of sad doesn’t cover the truth.  We tel sad for so many reasons.  One has to wonder,  what sad really is?  Is it regret,  loss,  grief, or a sense of longing? 

What we do know is people who say ” sadly I live on the wrong side of (insert object place or person here)  ” actually mean “I wish I lived closer or further away from that ( insert object person or place here).  The second thing we know to be truth.  You are probably not SaD about the most important part…….. You.

Every trial we face, every event that occurs,  every moment of joy or sadness pleasure or pain are all moments in life.  Sounds premium rate hook um right?.  Let me tell you,  before I figured that simple truth about sadness out….. I was in a hot tub with a couple,  one the lady,  was bitching about how sad it was that Carrie,  was thinking about gong to a place that caters for transgendered mind disorder.

It got me to thinking about why how and finally what. It is that we are who and what we are.  And if you think a it, with a new pair of eyes, by changing the Austin to what it isn’t,  you find most peoples sadness,  is really not sad at all. 

Nothing is impossible,  everything is nothing.

More to the point,  nothing is everything!  One day,  sitting by a log fire,  I will tell you why that is my philosophy. 

I feel sad today,  because I was forced to make a choice I didn’t want to make.  In doing so I ended a few happy relationships,  and though I have some memories that will stay with me forever,  the final memory was hurting is hurting still,  of a person I cared for calling me a traitor to the club I and others worked so very hard to keep together,  because I walked out.  After being insulted hey it happens,  but insulting my wife and thinking nothing of that insult was a step too far. 

The newly formed BPMC has two less members today because it saw fit to destroy the friendships and keep the ball rolling firmly in the direction of the trash can.  I truly hope, they learn something from my leaving,  but I fear their choices will stop them from doing so. 

Truly that was the saddest truth of the day,  the loss of people we trusted,  people who insulted and abused our good nature. And friendship.

A sad day,  but as every door closes a new one opened we lay MCs aside letting that drift as we lick our wounds,  and concentrate on sailing.  Till next post, love light and sparkles 

R x