Roses Review of the “Trudeau Runa IV”

So Old Rose doesn’t  do reviews…  nope never does, never ever writes um or blogs em or even publishes em! Just doesn`t do it. Well, peoples, times change. On today’s ticket is a shock! To Be fair it shocked me anyway.


Now the reason I don`t do reviews is that I like to judge them for myself. And This Trudeau Runa IV is STUNNING! not just from the elegant lines of her hull or even the sails configuration. Which is appealing. It Has to be said, I have spent a lot of time that was probably supposed to have been spent on other things. But damn it I couldn’t leave the boat alone! Anyway here is what the blurb on the note card says:-

” The Runa IV is modelled after the design of Danish naval architect Gerhard Rønne, who designed a succession of Runas with various sailplanes – sloops, cutters, yawls in the early 20th century. The real life Runa IV is that yawl, built in 1918, had a long active life in Denmark then residing in San Francisco Bay and possibly Portugal for a time. She was finally purchased in 2009 by French business executive and Danish sailboat enthusiast Yves Carcelle who commissioned a beautiful restoration and sailed her up until his passing in 2014.

The Trudeau Runa IV is faithful in the many details of Runa IV including lines and sail plan, spar sail lashings, animated jib, main and mizzen sheeting and other rigging details, deck furniture and cabin layout.

Like most Trudeau boats, the Runa IV can be sailed with the assistance of a crew, everyone involved wearing a HUD. In that case, the skipper is typically responsible for casting off, steering and mooring and the crew members for sail handling depending on boat heading and wind direction under the direction from the skipper. The crew controls his or her position using the left-right keyboard arrows – these positions effect the heeling angle of the boat and it’s speed potential. Just like an RL sailboat, no? 🙂 The HUD object is copy and transfer permissions, so Shanghai *your* crew by dropping this HUD on them.”


Ok, so that is the Blurb on the note card! Please see Visit and read Trudeau Runa IV blog page. Which can be found Here for more information. The videos and pictures of the Real version of this boat are awe inspiring! And can be found HERE.


She sails Smooth and clear, fast and free, like a silver, darting, dancing, fish in the river. But drop the reef, shallow the helm to a gentler face on the wind, and She is a dream boat of sexy smoothness. Don’t you take my word for it? No, You take one for a spin!. The Reef changes make a lot of difference, But the real change is having three controllable masts! More to work the mind of sl sailors it`s true, but once you get the hang of it, OMG she is a wonderful craft.


A Good friend commented “She is a birthed daughter of the Francious Jaques and the 12 m, the smooth racing lines of the FJ combined with the power of the 12 m. Did I mention the couple’s animations? the couch? The bed?? No, why? well, ever lady needs a little mystery! and the Runa IV is one lady that deserves to be explored. Wined, Dined and enjoyed.


I made the statement at the RSYC, ” Probably the best boat to come from Trudeau work shops” And I Rose Brightflame™ stand by that statement.




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