22046657083_b14822dfef_o“WE are all in this together, but some of us are paddling harder.”

When I started the RCB, it was my intention to  simply add a few lines each time an event occurred that changed my path and made it a little easier for people who are not in the immediate circles to  keep up with current events.  Since then so much has changed.

From the start of my time in Second Life, which of course is  the second  time around for me, events have  not  been planned.  by which i mean that in the first incarnation of this user`s   avi`s  in  second life  life was planned and choices made that  reflected  desire and wishes. But also  the plan was set to  explore a specific  ideal.  AS it turned out that time  not so well  I changed the rules. So this Time,  I no longer make choices based on my own desires and wishes.  Now I make choices based on those around me and the events and occasions that unfold as they do within all walks of life.

Its not really  drifting or a cop out,  but more like I`m letting the cosmos  make the choice and I`m merely  choosing  the colour of the coat I wear when I wear one.. so in the spirit of that  ethos, I have changed  and upgraded the blog to its  now current form. In the  very first post I pointed out, that the blog would be  sporadic  at best. The  unusual thing about that is that its turned into almost an almanac of events that have captured my heart and mind as I  travel the path that the cosmos lays out for me.

So I was sitting,  well standing,  ok, ok,  I was  kinda hanging around..22841836432_db74895247_o  And of course in this predicament, I was given time to think on a few things. One of these “things” was an off hand comment that My Mistress made,  Not in a nasty way, Mistress  would not I think be cruel that way,   but more in curiosity.   She said  ” Do you realise i know more about your real life past,  than I do your  online past ” and this got me to thinking  perhaps its time for a recap. So over the coming  days, I`ll post a few pages on a ” brief ” run down of my  second life past in this  avi, some of the events that formed the Rose,  and some of them that shaped My destiny.

In the Norse tradition  that  follows a Tree of life, an acorn planted  by a  old woman of time, grows into the largest  tree, each branch,  each limb, sprouting leaves  that  turn to the sun.. Sounds  kinda romantic,  until you realise that a,  leaves are basically  tree poo! and b, the mythology aside  The Norse think of each life as a leaf. connected by the branches of  structured tales that link the whole of each individual to the trunk and there by the acorn that grew it self to become the tree.

So why is Aunty  Rose telling you this? WELL, I see  families like trees. We draw strength from the trunk,  we draw water and nourishment from the limbs, we draw knowledge and courage from the branches,   and we are all connected by a central belief system. Trees grow in the oddest of shapes. so do families!  Large, small, short, fat, thin, tall, tiny, flat chested  or  Bosoms  like small houses,  Demons, angels, vixens,  balloon dragons,vampires  and most importantly  Humans.  WE are all Human,  if nothing else.  Our tree grows  And this week sees a  few new  additions.   And angle  named Tenshi ( japanese for angel !) and a  little  blonde bombshell  called Joy.  As With all trees,  some cultivation, may be required.

But as with all life, a little nourishment, a small amount of love, and care..  and they will grow.. We will grow..   Together..

Till next  time   Be safe and  hug a tree..  Sparkles and love Rose x