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The slice of the blade through soft female flesh

the slice of the blade through soft female flesh the red drip that follows as if wine was a pure form the screams of pleasure you gift me as red rivers run from the penetration your eyes meet mine the... Continue Reading →


Polygamy, BDSM, and a threatening gender…….

Hello Dear readers, oh my fans dare say it?.yes!! Today's post will include but is not limited to, the subject heading. My dear Friend Elisabeth. She once wrote the following. She words it better than I ever could. "In contemporary... Continue Reading →

Opinions, adventures, rope, tits and wind…

Just when you think the world about you is growing perfectly on schedule, someone comes along and shows you starkly and abruptly, that what you think you know are really just smoke and mirrors. Having relationships that span an eternity,... Continue Reading →

History, past and present, confessions of a ponygirl

"The challenge this month" said the lady on the podium, " is as follows. " She pauses for effect then speaks to the trainees, "red head, at least twelve months in world, partnered, 'in love openly on profile' naked, obedient,... Continue Reading →

BSL and the Braidwood Academy!

My deep psychological predilections for sexual partners….

I should warn readers, this post will affect you in ways you probably won't enjoy, and that will more than probably change your view of me as a person, not just in second life but in real life as well.... Continue Reading →

Why was Rose in a cage?

You might be forgiven for thinking by now I would have learned! You could say "you should have known better, a clever girl like you! " A few of you might even think, though you would of course be entirely... Continue Reading →

Opening of a new adventure!

The First of the watch, kneels quietly by the open fire, recounting the days events with a welcome smile. The planing was executed with precise awesomeness. The tunes laid on by Arjuna, still beating in her hearts. The taste of... Continue Reading →

laying here watching the boats pass, and thinking ….

  Well, Grundal My Throssak`s, The First has heard a whispering in the wind that Those Damn Fools that sail all naked (this line refers to the "Topless Sailors" and this is added for clarification of one south African Crazy... Continue Reading →

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