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“we are when we are so young, a un bloomed flower under the sun, we start to blossum we dont know why, whats the point who am I , we change we grow which way to go whats wrong what right how will we know, who will we trust who will we love could it be the man above, he will guide you when you are lost, give you strength with out no cost, so chose you right path in life be strong, have will, be who you are and with a strong mind you will be sure to go far.”


Angel  Beerbaum, a hidden  tallent. and   a good sister

Summer in dublin

Take me away from the city and lead me to where I can be on my own,
I wanted to see it, and now that I have, I want just to be left alone,
I’ll always remember your kind words, and I’ll still remember your name,
But I’ve seen you changing and turning, and I know that things won’t be the same.
I remember that summer in Dublin, and the liffey as it stank like hell,
And the young people walking on Grafton street, and everyone looking so well,
I was singing a song I heard somewhere, called “Rock ‘n’ roll never forgets”,
When my hummin’ was smothered by a 46a and the scream of a low flying jet.
So I jumped on a bus to dun laoire, stoppin’ off to pick up my guitar,
And a drunk on the bus told me how to get rich.
I was glad we weren’t goin’ too far.
So I’m leavin’ on Wednesday morning tryin’ to find a place where I can hear
The tunes of the birds and the sea on the rocks, where open roads always are near,
And if sometimes I tire of the quiet, and I want to walk back up that hill,
I’ll just get on the road and stick out my thumb.
I know that you’ll be there still.

Monday news….

Well the cosmos has once more shared both wisdom and logic, to its humbled vessel. For regular followers of my scribelings, will recall a post some time ago, where I detailed My frustration on two outstanding being zz bottom, and the situation there which has not changed much to be fair, but we live in hope!
The second situation was and is the silver tonged devil, who has haunted my desire for so long. And here the cosmos decided to take a hand in altering the paths and agendas of the great plan. It yet again showed me and others around me, that the great work does reward those who are patient, those who do not push, and those who accept.
So it is with the greatest of humbled honour that I say, yes I have the silver tounged one, securely under lock and key. And I have to say, I am loving every second of that adventure. How it happened is not for me to judge, why it happened is not for any speculation, that it happened is a cause for celebration.
And so we come to other business. In this case Topless cruises. Monday see’s the launch of the first of our ( MINE AND BRACES) cruise.  To say its nerve racking, waiting to see if it works out well, is an understatement of monumental proportions. So many things can and do change and go wrong before the staggered start times. But to be fair, we have our Dj booked, we triple checked and then added an independent sailor to check it, and fingers crossed we have done,all we can. So in short lets hope it works ok.

Today I saw petal. Today I was reminded how much she misses our times together, and yet I am also reminded in a timely fashion, just how much I truly love and admire this lil french maiden. Her charm is way more than skin deep, her sence of morality, and justice tainted with her sense of real time love and fairness, speaks volumes.
One of my sponsored sisters today passed her task list and got full patched.of which I am understandably honoured and proud to have helped. And it would not be complete without mentioning the wedding , the rez day and the bday!  The wedding of two angels is always emotional, but rather, as the emotions run like tears and mascara, she got her man, and he became happy.

We of the Black Cranium MC WW™ wish Raze and Aurora, the very best wishes and long roads.


SO.. its been way too long, and I apologise for neglecting you all, so much. So many things have happened since we last spoke. From the advances of the MC to the personal achievements of the Brightflames, and through to the promotions.

Let`s start with the MC. black Cranium MC attended Rally in the valley. a four-day event where most of the MC`s that mean anything attends the show and shows off their bikes. Indeed we were no different. David got a new bike:P even if it does need oil. We showed the four days, and acquired new friends.


As with any MC, it`s a family that evolves some leave us, some join us. Such is the life span of any group I feel. But the overall feeling is that the Rally brought us closer. melted the friendships. into a Family. One I am proud to be a part of.


Personal achievements, well, lets see, Our wife Petal become a full patched member of the MC. of which I am SOOOOOOO proud.

I made a change or three to the dream cloud and we now have an air support, airship for the club!.


Then we come to topless:P Now long time readers will know, I have supported Topless cruising from the outset. All through the depressions , and sim crashes and tea parties on the sea bed. right through the directors leaving and coming back, even through the rough times when the club closed for a while. Now we are back in business AND with the return or gipsy, one of my dearest and most loved directors!. Came to a surprise promotion for me and Brace to Cruise directors.


An honour we will I’m sure step up to take the reins. And to play our part in this most awesome of groups. As a side note we sailed this weeks in the dark and naked! Kinda our way to say thank you to gipsy..

As promised a longer post! 

Sometimes the consistency of stupidity, offerings to false idols, even the injustice of being forced to listen to bullshit, can actually improve your day.

I have come to this conclusion with due care and diligence. Evaluation of the situations that have evolved in recent days, bringing with it its own set of challenges. But the overall conjunction of facts lead me to believe this to be true. Without doubt or hesitation, coercion or payment, I Rose Brightflame™ state this fact to be one hundred percent true. 

” You can’t fix stupid” as Ron white says, “there isn’t a pill or a potion, you can take that fixes stupid! 

What can and most probably will surprise you, is when people you thought are smarter than they turn out to be, and moreover, when they set out to prove how ridiculously stupid they really are, the new depth of dumbness will horrify you to the point of distraction.   
Take an obvious statement.  ” your boobs are too big” now lets add to this fair comment ”  we prefer you to be at least human”  Now lets sink the depth of stupidity, ” can’t you wear normal ones just for tonight?”  And if you think that is stupid, lets add insults to the statement. “like normal humans do” 

So from a semi back handed compliment albeit, not perhaps everyone’s idea of a compliment! To utter stupidity in three steps. And with that comes the realization that this person is a moron.
However, not to be outdone in the grand scheme of things, this dude actually compounds the error. By effectively saying ” you have to be 99 %human to attend, but the bigger and holder your breasts are the better we like it”  and when you stop chuckling, you might want to seriously think this one out! Because what the sexist cretin actually says is ” be human, wear nothing, let me oggle and make whatever demands I want,  you can come in.” 
Still, I see reasons to smile. And if you want to know which limp sucked whitevschool boy who by the way pretended to be a black thick dicked thug type gangsteroonie! Had the nerve to highlight himself in this part of the post! Ask…..I won’t name him here, until he is stupid enough to face me in person, and the words”! cold day in hell ”  fit! 
And the reason I am smiling not ranting? 

 Because my Owl, stood by me, shoulder to shoulder, as we told the little man to get stuffed. In the end, discrimination is just that. And we spent the rest of that night, dancing at stocking tops, a fun evening was had and not one person questioned our boobs or hooves! 

Sadly I have to report that Linda has closed stockingtops, due to her real life going nuts. And I have to say we whole heartedly support the choice to close, rather than to struggle on. Of  course this means that there will be a need to open a new club for those like us that enjoyed the finer things in life! But such is life. We wish Linda every success in her future.
Favour of topics, the seventeen of march. Brings many parties to a head! Not least of which the greatest of all parties! World wide, grid wide, parties! St Patrick, who was by the was english! Gets a serious mention. Clover drawn in luminous green beer, shamrocks a plenty. And leprachauns! So, now you know why every Irish man is either pissed or pissed off. Either too much or not enough beer! 

May the luck of the Irish dawn on you all. Love and sparkles Rose xx 


okok its been a while! lets catch up…

We have been  busy !BLACK CRANIUM MC 16.9 black

The MC  grows  from  strength to strength.  The MC  has been distancing itself from other lesser dance clubs,  and  building on  current strengths.


Bandits  everywhere!!.. So Mistress has  had a hankering to  sail  larger boats  for a while, and after some  demo  testing   She and I have  settled on  the  “55”  from  Dutch harbour.



I  know its not a   massive post,

 but  . i`m  still  trying to put together the  rest of the   events.

 love and sparkles rose x


There comes a time in everybody’s life, when you sit still and take stock of who and what you are. This week has been a roller coaster, of emotions, of feelings, both crushed and elated. One of the many highlights was finally passing the last task and being voted in as a patched member of the Billionaires Club MC.


Add to this definace and love, and of course a topless cruise! and you have a true roller coaster of a weekend.


Bianca’s home from her skiing trip with no bones broken and a smile on her face, and we all can breathe easier now, that we know she wasn’t involved in the avalanches!


a New bike enters the BF stable the Black Pheonix from Q`s bikes. now a rarity I am told! This one is faster sleeker, goes round corners instead of trying to hop over them. holds the damn track a lot better and looks FOOKING cool! Paint by BRACE!


NOW let`s talk WIVES! BRACE has also patched in as a Full member of the BC MC. And petal has really put the cat in the chicken coup, and beaten the prez`s time on the home track .. I am SO proud of my wives!!!


So  until next   update,  Ride safe  Ride Free



Love and sparkles Rose Brightflame ™



So, yes its true, I’ve been up to my neck in mischief ! and yes it`s also true that things have changed a fair bit in the last few weeks. Between ill health, ( yes I`m still plagued with nosebleeds and migraines and hospital appointments to try and work out why!) and the way so is playing up lately, I`ve been busy.

Let`s see, “WE” joined a Motorcycle club, as prospects. And everything was doing well, right up to the first” ride out.” A fifty script, limit discriminated against us from riding, and a member that can`t ride isn`t a member. Now, while I agree that lowering scripts as much as possible resolves lag. there I a limit to the amount of surgery to my av I am willing to do. I tested this theory the other day, and my belt and collar and head alone is Fifty-two scripts. EVEN with the removal of all the peircings. So a, I can`t ride, and b, I`m not prepaired to do that to my scripts anyway.

So we were pretty gutted, the high of getting in as opposed to the rule that wasn’t mentioned on applying, really soured the day. YOU know us, we never like to stay down. With this in mind, we went looking and found a club, that is more in tune with our desires needs and attitudes. The Billionaires MC, is a Club that better represents US, they don’t mind the boobs, they don`t mind the scripts, as long as we keep it under one hundred ( ish), and they don’t mind the fact that we are together, Brace and me and Petal comes as a package deal!.


So we are prospects of the BC MC. NEXT update!

Dancing ! Brace  suggested a dance  on the RMS Titanic,  with   Klew and addy

and  a  good time was had  by all! But as ever  work  never stops,  and   back in the  Club house,  I  started  to  refine the  Bobber  ready for a long ride out.


Sailing !

A new boat to  our  group  the Sweetpea  from  Dutch harbor, a   nice  little   romantic  boat,  with a LOT of  options!.  and its one that Mistress likes,  and  took me sailing in !


We  even  took them both at   the same  time !


what a   good way to  end a post!..  see you soon   love and sparkles  Rose x



introducing Teagan !



Ok o k  sorry  i  have  not been around   here for a bit,  but  some things  took preference  and   i`ll TRY to  do a post on them  in the not  to  distance future   love and stuff Rose , x

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