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I am still NOT afraid


Choices, paths, crazy serious shit.

It's been a while since last I scrawled my feelings for all to see. Now that it is over the watermark of my safety valve it is time for me to rekindle this almost traditional method of venting. Words have... Continue Reading →

There are no words… to describe this song

Watch “Human Hybrids – Scientists Admit Humans ARE Getting Alien DNA Upgrades” on YouTube


We are Brightflame's, we are rather well known for expansion. And that my friends is the key to today's post. The Acorn we planted, with the small club, the offices and shops, each watered and nurtured with tender loving care,... Continue Reading →

Ship to Shore for Petal ….

Taking you back a moment in time, a senseless idea but a persistent ryhme. three hearts beating to the same tune, words written on Côte d'Azur dunes. passion filled with each new breath, timeless emotions creep upon us all. As... Continue Reading →

If I died today…..

If I died today, this moment, now. Some would shed a tear for me, some would find a way some how, To mourn a friend, a lover, a wife. But I wonder if they would mourn a life? A life... Continue Reading →

Staring at the past and future….

Looking from the window of my state room aboard this luxury liner of the sea, I find myself thinking back over the last twelve months. The trials and take that became a routine, over the time to hold the balance... Continue Reading →


Moments, these are the ties that binds the souls together. One, the singularity of life encased in our fragile forms. The secret to the eternal triangle of lovers turned partners in three deepest mines of the heart. Shared truth and... Continue Reading →

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